All Game produce


For those with more particular tastes, Mahogany Creek Distributors supply us with the products you may have a little bit more difficulty finding at the local supermarket. Ducks, Quails, Spatchcock Chicken and much more are all available here, so there’s no need to worry about scaling half of Perth for your favourite dinner!

Beef Cheeks

Chicken Liver

Duck Breast

Duck Fat

Duck Legs

Farm Fresh Rabbits

Free Range Turkey Breast (On Backorder)

Free Range Turkeys (On Backorder)

Lamb Brains (Out of Stock)

Lamb Frys (Out of Stock)

Lamb Kidneys (Out of Stock)

Ox Heart (On Backorder)

Ox Kidney (On Backorder)

Ox Tail

Ox Tongue (On Backorder)

Plain & Marinated Capretto (Out of Stock)

Pork Fat (On Backorder)

Pork Heart (On Backorder)

Pork Liver (On Backorder)

Pork Trotters (On Backorder)


Spatchcock No. 5

Steaming Fowls

Veal Liver

Whole Duck 2 – 2.2Kg